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Viewer Dashboard

Paldi’s “Advanced Viewer Dashboard” supercharge your viewers with true self-service BI letting them design their own dashboards!


  • One of the most common monetization strategies for OEMs is to allow self-service analytics by providing clients with the ability to build their own custom dashboards.

  • The main challenge is that the clients usually are not familiar with Data Modeling concepts, Facts, Dimensions, and Formulas. Generally speaking, they come from the business side and don’t have a clue about BI.

  • Paldi’s “Advanced Viewer Dashboard” will allow your viewers to build their own dashboards using a set of predefined widgets that match a specific analytical use case thus eliminating the need to know what’s “under the hood” of the data model and other technical topics

  • Designers will make a one-time effort to design a dashboard with all available widgets for viewers - this dashboard will serve as the single source of truth.

  • For any future updates - the designers will only need to make changes in one place , making this solution simple to use and maintain.

  • Viewers will be assigned to a single dashboard, and they will be able to create as many dashboards as they need to story-tell their own use case.

Key Highlights

  • Induce viewers adoption by helping them to become more involved in dashboards design

  • Transform your viewers to become data driven yielding faster data analysis and decision making in your organization

  • Can be used as a monetization strategy differentiating your platform from competitors

  • Let viewers to story tell the data by their own eyes

  • Save precious time for your developers and leave the dashboard design for your viewers

  • save endless time spent for communication between viewers and designers - from now on viewers can create dashboards that make sense to them

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Can be bought as part of our “Induce adoption” package:

  • Advanced Pivot Toolbar

  • Control Table Column

  • Advanced Dim Switcher

  • Advanced Measure Changer

  • Advanced Filters

Key Features

  • Intuative UX for both viewers and designers

  • Built in lazy loading

  • Complete control over the styling:

  • Buttons styling

  • Menu styling

  • Easy drag and drop interface to restructure widgets layout

  • Easy to redesign dashboards

  • Designers can easily:

  • set titles

  • set description

  • set thumbanails

  • Set default dashboards for viewers

  • define widgets categories

See it in action!

Designer Flow:

Viewer Flow:

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