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Enhance your data analytics capabilities in Sisense.

Sisense Certified Gold Partner.

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Improve How You Use Pivots & Tables On Your Dashboards!

  • Self Service
    Giving users the freedom to view and interact with their data the way they want.


  • Performance Boosting
    Save dashboard space, and get the work of several widgets in one.


  • No Coding
    Get an enormous amount of Sisense capability, logic, and style within one simple design toolbar.


  • Financial Analysis
    Analyze trends and display multiple values in a single cell. 


  • Customization API
    Customize existing Paldi Pivots&Tables to your needs, and save time and money on developing your own plugins.


  • Official Support
    All of our plugins are officially supported on all Sisense versions on both Windows and Linux distributions.

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Expandable Pivot

  • Expanding & Collapsing of columns and rows. 

  • Allow viewers to build their own custom pivot With Paldi’s easy Drag&Drop interface.

  • Sorting by multiple columns/rows.

  • Built-in smart Export To Excel functionality. 

  • Advanced Totals/Subtotals calculations and capabilities.

  • Fast query results to improve user interactivity with the pivot while changing views.


Discover Our Sisense Pivots & Tables Plugins

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Advanced Table With Aggregation

  • Designed for self-service control by dashboard viewers.

  •  Save selections as presets and quickly switch between them.

  • Export to Excel while preserving Sisense formatting.

  • Set "Jump to Dashboard" for each column.

  • Full styling options available from the widget design panel.

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Control Table Columns

  • Optimized for use cases with a large number of columns.

  • Built-in performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Supports all table widgets.

  • Comes with styling and customization options.

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Advanced Pivot Toolbar

  • Allow viewers to build their own pivot views.

  • Made to boost performance on heavy dashboards.

  • Integrated with out-of-the-box Sisense native pivot tables.

  • Fully customize the style of the pivot header.

  • Limit the number of controlled measures and dimensions.

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Pivot2 UI Enhancements

  • Special Financial Formatting

  • Configure Null values representation.

  • Clickable URL Links!

  • New In-cell customizations: Sparklines, checkboxes, and conditional formatting

  • Add Image Indicator (arrows & traffic lights) to measures.

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Aggregated Table Enhancements

  • Checkbox filtering!

  • Conditional formatting!

  • Apply and Reset filters buttons, for improved UI.

  • Advanced Jump-To-Dashboard. 

  • Built to increase dashboard performance and reporting speed.

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Financial Table

  • Easily unpivots the data.

  • Measures sorting.

  • Conditional formatting.

  • Financial formating.

  • Configure null values representation.

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