Advanced Input Parameters

Unlock the power of "What-If" analysis to your viewers

Use Parameters Within Formulas

No need to change the data model!

  • Easily add user input boxes to your dashboards that affect the formulas behind the widgets

  • Define an Alias for each input box and easily use it within the formulas

  • When the user changes the value, the dashboard will be updated accordingly

Completely Configurable

​No Code Required! 

  • Control the input controller's layout and styling

  • Choose from Currency, Percents or plain numbers to format your input boxes

  • Use numeric steppers, define their step size and default values

  • Configure buttons positions & placement.

Works Perfectly With Complex Formulas
  • Use several parameters within the same formulas or the same parameters several times

  • Great flexibility using Case-When statements 


Try It Yourself!

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