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Enhance your Advanced visualizations capabilities in Sisense.

Sisense Certified Gold Partner.

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Improve How You Use Advanced visualizations On Your Dashboards!

  • Full Customization Control
    Enjoy full control over data visualization and styling options to create jaw-dropping Dashboards.


  • Deep Analysis and Insights
    Create widgets that give real meaningful insight instead of just painting data.


  • No Coding
    Get an enormous amount of Sisense capability and logic, within one simple design toolbar.


  • Official Support
    All of our plugins are officially supported on all Sisense versions on both Windows and Linux distributions.


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Advanced Funnel Chart

  • Invert chart.

  • Dynamic sizing - Full control of sizing options.

  • Sort a funnel by values or alphabetically.

  • Add additional information when hovering on stages.

  • Built-in jump to dashboard.


Discover Our Sisense Infographics Plugins

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 Advanced Word Cloud

  • Deploy representation of word frequency and value within your data set.

  • Get the most important terms and tags without the hassle of text search.

  • Control the appearance of the Word-cloud.

  • Manage the scale value.

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Rainbow Gauge

  • Remove out-of-the-box gauge limits.

  • “Level up” all your executive dashboards.

  • Compare between categories or measures using different KPIs and break-by dimensions.

  • Completely configurable - No code required!

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Informative Gauge

  • Present up to 4 Informative Gauges instances in one widget.

  • Define main KPIs, secondary KPIs and Conditional Coloring.

  • Enormous Design options.

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Range Bar Chart

  • Convert multi-line Charts into Range Bar charts.

  • Plot values within their min-max ranges.

  • Track values those over time.

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NPS Chart

  • Extremely useful for NPS analysis.

  • Various ways to customize your design.

  • Ability to  present multiple formulas on the same chart.

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Bi-Directional Bar Chart

  • Toggle between bar chart and column chart.

  • Get all Sisense native abilities for conditional formatting.

  • User friendly and intuitive design panel.

  • Sisense native look and feel.

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