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Unlock the full potential of your data with the Advanced Table With Aggregation plugin. With new powerful features for defining specific views, drilling down into data, and easily exporting your insights. Its interactive design and styling capabilities take data customization and exploration to the next level. 

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Advanced Table With Aggregation

Discover a vast array of powerful new capabilities to help elevate your tables to the next level!

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Advanced Table With Aggregation

Key Highlights 

  • Empower viewers to self-service control and modify table columns.

  •  Save selections as presets and quickly switch between them, no code required.

  • Export to Excel while preserving Sisense formatting for seamless data sharing and collaboration.

  • Set general "Jump to Dashboard" (JTD) or different JTDs per column for effortless navigation between dashboards.

  • Filter your dashboard with just a click on items, enabling quick and efficient data exploration.

  • Full styling options available from the Design panel of the widget, giving you complete control over the look and feel.

Supercharge your Sisense dashboards with the Advanced Table with Aggregation by Paldi Solutions! 

Crush the competition with lightning-fast data analysis, customizable design options, and a host of powerful features. 

Elevate your insights and propel your business forward with this plugin.

Contact us for a live demo and immediate free trial!

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